Anti Sway Bar Apex, RX-1, Vector, RS Nytro and Venture

Anti Sway Bar Apex, RX-1, Vector, RS Nytro and Venture
Developed by SBM to fit all Deltabox 2003- 2005 and Deltabox II 2006-2018 chassis. Make your Apex, RX-1, RS Vector, 06-07 RS Nytro and RS Venture handle better than you can imagine! This is the ultimate bolt-on for chassis control, handling, and predictable inside ski lift.

These models have an 11mm sway bar from the factory that will bend at around 60 degrees. Our improved 12.5mm sway bar will flex just over 119 degrees before bending allowing far superior cornering. This means it will take the one sided hits and not up-set the chassis, tossing you around. These sway bar bushings are far superior in comparison to the factory units. They are made from “delrin” plastic and are machined so that they positively snap fit into the delta box frame tight and also have a thicker flange for side slop to keep things controlled.

Schmidt Bros Motorsports designed this kit for the racer, fast trail rider, groomed trail rider, or two up riders. This kit is easily installed in minutes and requires no altering welding or drilling. Simply bolt this kit on and you will get what you deserve from your suspension. Superior stability, dramatically improved control and less inside ski lift which means flat cornering.

Includes: Sway bar, heavy duty Delrin bushings and instructions.

Price:  $199.99