Apex and RX-1 Torque Monster Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Apex and RX-1 Torque Monster Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Low engagement doesn’t mean low power anymore!

These clutch kits are tailored per customer for every model in the RX family (no cookie cutter set-ups here). This takes the guess work out of the picture. Designed by SBM to improve the RX at engagement, low, mid, throttle response, and top speed. Whether you are in high or low altitude, hill climbing, boondocking, trail riding, or lake racing, our kits are tailored to you.

Lets talk about engagement. We are clamping the belt harder @ the primary clutch (the small pulley) to reduce belt slip, gain belt longevity, and widen the gear ratio. Have you noticed that the engine revs too much to move the sled and you know the engine has tons of low end torque in reserve? No more “trenching out” on starts. Have you also experienced having to blip the throttle a bunch of times to negotiate a turn at lower speeds? This is where our stage 2, 3,000 rpm engagement comes in.

Our clutch kits were developed for each model specifically. You won’t believe how well you will be able to maneuver at lower speeds with the addition of the lower 3,000 rpm engagement.

Now lets talk mid-range arm stretch. If you think your Apex/RX-1 is fast now, try keeping it in the power all the way to top end. Talk about a howling witch. A big plus from this set up will be lower cruising rpm’s. This translates into better fuel mileage. But when you hit the throttle, that witch snaps to attention twice as fast and carries you to a blistering top end, especially when coupled with our overdrives.

Easily installed at home (No puller needed)

Price: $279.99/ea

2011-Up Apex:
Quiet Clutch Shims. Get Rid of the RATTTLLEE!!