Clutch Rebuilding and Tuning Service

Clutch Rebuilding and Tuning Service
Send us your clutches and we will evaluate there condition and give you a quote on a solid rebuild. A full rebuild Includes: “Grunt Tool” disassembly, all bushing and worn parts replacement. Full assembly, tuning, a spin check in the lathe for true running and a sheave blending (if needed). Other services include: Partial tear down and inspection with minimal parts replacement on clutches in good shape. Wore or gouged flyweights: Profile grind and balance gram match w/ new bushings included. Performance grind flyweights: Re-profile grind for an aggressive shift, balance gram match with tuning rivets and bushings if needed. Check out our Clutch Kits and Primary Over Drive Machining Service while your at it and we will put a package together for you. Call Chris on the tech line for an estimate or any questions at (989) 756-1537.
Primary Clutch Partial Tear Down, Inspection, Buff Cleaning & Lube Price: $149.99
Primary Clutch Grunt Tool Full Tear Down Rebuild Price: $249.99
Gouged Flyweights, Profile Grind With New Bushings Price: $99.99
Secondary Clutch w/ SBM Clutch Kit Rebuild Price: $169.99
Secondary Clutch w/ Factory Helix Rebuild Price: $199.99
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