Comfort Clutch Kit

The Sidewinder Comfort Clutch kit is for those who are looking for a far smoother engagement and a 85% reduction in clutch noise. This simple looking but extensive kit will grab and hook up on the belt at 3-4 mph instead of 7-8 mph. This makes a big difference when trying to turn the ski’s to maneuver at lower speeds.

This does not hinder performance at all. Rather it allows the clutch to positively connect with the belt at 3,000 rpm. This way your not spinning / slipping the primary clutch on the belt creating heat, premature wear and drive-ability issues.

The Full Quiet Kit included almost totally eliminates the horrible rattle that is so common in Yamaha’s primary clutches. This kit is not the same kit for other models. It is specific to the Sidewinder because of sizing and the looser production tolerances in these new primary clutches.

Easily installed at home (No puller needed) full instructions included.

Price: $89.99