Do It Yourself Clutch Tuning Kit

Do It Yourself Clutch Tuning Kit
This kit is for the Do It Yourself Clutch Tuner.

Includes an assortment of calibrated and gram matched tuning rivets and a high quality gram scale. The gram scale on the left has been is service for over 8 years. You may notice the hot rivet burn marks and dim LED screen compared to the new one on the right. It’s just needs new AAA battery’s.

Talk with Chris about gram matching and calibrating a set-up for your sled. We can send the tune a little heavy. This way you can grind a little off, balance weigh match and tune your own primary clutch.

The rivet bin pictured is just an example of the wide range of tuning rivets SBM has available. Model depending, you will be sent multi-pal balance matched sets of three for your custom calibration.

Price: $49.99