Factory Stealth Muffler Mod

Factory Stealth Muffler Mod
Our Factory Stealth Muffler Mod is for those who must or want to retain the appearance of your factory exhaust. The factory exhaust has a flat sound and poor flow characteristics. The red oxidization in the mid bleed pipes, proves there is to much back pressure and heat. Especially the Sidewinders because they are turbo charged. This modification is not just cutting the muffler open and emptying it’s contents. We sure up the interior by fully welding the bulk head walls / seams for strength and add directional velocity stacks for a non-restrictive mid chamber full flow. And to top it off, the outlet get a directional flowed louvered quiet core that is tuned for the correct back pressure and sound level. Whether stock or fully modified. From mild to wild, just ask Chris if you want something custom. It’s time to release the demons! Sound levels can be adjusted from slightly above stock to moderately loud. By sending us your factory muffler we can provide:
  • SBM designed acoustics to provide a more aggressive deeper raspier note
  • Directional flowed quiet core technology
  • Factory appearance and reliability
  • A Savings of 5-8 lbs. and a 5-12 HP gain on average
  • Custom built per customer. No cores, you get your muffler back
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Price:  $329.99