Fast Drive Wheels

9 Tooth Fast Drives w/ Locking Collars

Factory friction Melt Down

Fast Drive Wheels Installed

These 9 tooth 2.52″ pitch involute outer drive wheels are for eliminating the sub-standard 2010-up anti ratchet style drive wheels found in the Apex, Nytro and Vector’s with the up-graded larger 30mm axle. The factory anti-ratchet drives are very good at sucking speed out of these sleds.

The track begins to grow around the drive wheels at higher speeds which tightens it up and creates a ton of friction. Replace them with our drive wheels for far improved top end. Will not work on models with 2.86 pitch rip saw 2 tracks.

Includes outer drive wheels, locking collars and instructions.

Order Price: $129.99
In shop removal and press on Price: $189.99

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