Heavy Duty Transfer Rod Collars

Heavy Duty Control Rod Side Shim Collars - Product   Heavy Duty Control Rod Side Shim Collars - Installed

From the factory, the adjustable control rod collars have a sloppy fitment between them and the suspension rails. They are also very brittle and prone to cracking. This kit, while looking simple, is machined to tighter specs that will reduce the side to side movement in your control rod rear suspension arm.

This Fits All CK Transfer Control Rod Suspensions:
  • Apex MTX/RTX/XTX (2005-Up)
  • FX Nytro MTX/XTX (2008-Up)
  • RS Nytro (2006-07)
  • RS Vector, ER, MTX w/ Pro Active CK (2005-Up)
  • Venture/Venture Lite (2005-Up)
Price:  $39.99