Shock Service and Parts

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Send us your tired monoshock or Fox, Fox Float, GYTR, HPG, OHLINS, Soqi, or KYB front and rear shocks and we will rebuild and/or re-valve them to suit your weight and riding style. We will address issues with the factory suspension setups including spring rates, reliability, and simple single stage valving problems.

Factory shocks are a generalized setup and won’t necessarily match your riding style. Based on your weight, the factory shock combination in most cases, isn’t ideally suited to you. That’s where we come in. We will rebuild and/or re-valve your shocks so that they match the needs of you and your sled. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

Standard Rebuild Starting Price: $69.99
Custom Re-Valving Starting Price: $69.99

Monoshock Rebuild Starting Price: $149.99

Reservoir Style Rebuild Starting Price: $79.99
Reservoir Style Revalve Starting Price: $69.99

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Sticky Fox Float Fix (All Models with Fox Floats)

The Fox Float shock is an excellent idea, but the internal piston and valving is out to lunch.

If you need proof, just try and move your front bumper up and down to cycle the shocks. This is nearly impossible because of the sticking/resistance problem. This can lead to suspension A-arm failure and a harsh ride. Compare this to a sled w/ GYTR, KYB, or SOQI shock in a Yamaha show room. Guys running the fox floats are trying to adjust their air pressure to compensate but lowering the pressure only masks the problem and lowers the ride height too far. By sending us your Fox Float Shocks, we can fix the problem and make you more than happy with them. SBM will modify the internal piston and change the valving to fit your weight and riding style.

Price: $159.99
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GYTR/Soqi Compression Knob Leak Fix

Have you noticed red oil leaking from your GYTR/Soqi shocks? Send us your shocks and we will repair the problem at a budget price. Includes internal cleaning, knob and shaft repair, o-rings, high performance oil, and nitrogen recharge.

Price Per Pair: $99.99
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