Sidewinder Boost Enhancer Cold Air Intake w/ Adjustment Knob

Schmidt Bros Motorsports is proud to introduce our all NEW Boost Enhancer Cold Air Intake for the Sidewinder.  We have done the research and development for optimum trail performance and reliability.  This intake system pulls air from in front of the primary clutch where the body work has a pre-filter built in. Maximize the amount of cold air into your turbo inlet with this 3” x 2-1/2” increasing style Silicone 90, 6061 T-6 polished mandrel bent 3”coupling and free flowing 2-stage filter.  Even the existing 1/4” hoses are placed in the best possible locations for pressure sensing and crank case ventilation. To top it off, SBM is including a discrete dash mount boost control knob.  This allows you to adjust the boost 3 psi higher on the fly to account for air density, temperature, and barometric pressure.  Let’s face it; Yamaha is very conservative with only 9 to 10 psi of boost.  The factory set “Over Boost” kills the engine well over 13 psi.  So there is some wiggle room for horse power numbers here.  Every pound of boost gained, the factory ECU increases one psi of fuel pressure so there is no chance of a lean burn down whatsoever. You will find yourself tweaking the knob and finding the sweet spot in seconds.  Turned it in a little too much? So what!  Loosen it up a bit and you will find the day’s boost limit.  Conditions heat up or cool down?  Racing your buddies across the lake?  It’s so simple it’s stupid!  So why not take advantage of the computers parameters and get the most from your Sidewinder.  Put the control at your finger tips and realize your Sidewinder’s full potential! Available in: Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green. ALSO FITS: Arctic Cat 998 Turbo Models.
Price: $249.99