Clutch Kits-Sidewinder

Schmidt Bros Motorsports is proud to introduce our newly developed “Wide Range Torque Monster Clutch Kit” for the Sidewinder lineup. This is the most comprehensive set-up on the market, Period! Everything but the kitchen sink is included in this clutch kit. The “Wide Range” built into this kit really makes the Sidewinder realize its full shift potential. The factory set-up does not let your primary clutch hook up on the belt until 8 mph. Compare this to our 4 mph hooked up on the belt maneuverability. Think of it like the manners of an automatic four wheeler with a lot more power. Low range improvements include; easy use of reverse, loading and unloading are a snap, maneuvering is incredibly improved; no trenching out and your belt and clutch faces stay cooler and last longer. I have also noticed on tight sweeper corners that you do not have to blip the throttle at all to negotiate a turn. Blipping, upsets the chassis (lifts the skis) which makes you push out and does not allow you to make a tight turn. Hey! Less carpel tunnel in the thumb is also a plus. To top it all off; we include a Sidewinder specific Quiet Clutch kit to take the annoying rattle away. Let’s talk throttle response and mid-range. The primary spring and flyweight tuning rivet calibrations work in conjunction with our proprietary helix ramp profiles to give you the best possible shift and back shift imaginable. Our custom progressive reverse progressive billet helix’s shift a bit more aggressive then the factory straight 35, 35/37 & 35/39 degree units.  It then lays back a touch for that mid-range “Trail Play” punch and throttle response where the standard helix lacks quite a bit because of over aggression and turbo lag. Beyond the mid-range shift point, our helix goes aggressive again and takes over for a blistering top end. Or at least the best top end possible with 2.86 drives and today’s aggressive tracks. Remember when I talked about “Wide Range” earlier? View 1st and 2nd picture above: A full over driven shift is machined into this helix. The five different sized “Blue Print Rollers” we include will not “Flat Spot” and start out much higher on the ramp which translates into a lower gear ratio on starts. A true full shift occurs because the rollers start higher and travel further down the ramp. Compare the factory roller witness marks compared to the wide range red marks. You will notice rpm consistently in the meat of the power at all times instead of feeling disconnected in the low to mid and going into over rev above the power at higher speeds. You can print the parts shipping form on the website and send your primary clutch in for over drive machining $49.99. This allows the primary to shift a bit further and sink the belt into the secondary clutch for a higher final gear ratio. Again, our secondary helix is machined to accept full shift from the primary clutch so why not take advantage of it. The Sidewinder Wide Range Clutch Kit Includes:
  • A primary spring for smoother engagement, improved throttle response and no oscillating.
  • Heavy flyweight tuning rivets, custom calibrated to your sled if needed.
  • Full Quiet Kit for the flyweights, roller pins and rollers. Emery cloth included for flyweight shim fitment.
  • Custom progressive reverse progressive billet aluminum helix. Exclusive to Schmidt Bros Motorsports.
  • Secondary spring for full shift and no coil bind.
  • Secondary shims for setting defection.
  • 5 secondary rollers ranging in size for blue printing equal pressure because of production variances. There is no chance of flat spotting and the secondary clutch operates precisely for smoother shifting.
  • 3 secondary roller side shims for reduced friction and shift accuracy.
  • 3 metric mock up nuts and a wire roller pin push tool for easy blue printing of the rollers.
  • 1 Optional Carlisle XS 805 belt for improved efficiency and a wider gear ratio.
  • 1 EZ-Off belt guard bracket. This allows future removal of the clutch guard with ease.Easily installed at home (No puller needed) and great instructions.
    Price: $389.99 with belt $499.99