Sloppy Steering Fix

Sloppy Steering Fix

This kit totally fixes the slop in the handle bars on Phazer, FX, GT, RTX, MTX, XTX, and Venture Lite models. There are 18 pivot points in the Phazer steering and the collector at the bottom is far too loose from the factory.

Are you sick and tired of micro compensating steering input all day long to keep your Phazer tracking strait? This gets tiring and can be dangerous. This kit will tighten up the steering collector and pit-man arms permanently which will make a dramatic difference in control and handling compared to the inferior factory parts.

We highly recommend our “Safer Outer Tie Rod Bolt Kit” to finish off this repair so your ski alignment stays where it belongs.

Includes all hardware and full instructions to do the job right the first time!

Price:  $59.99