Sidewinder 4 or 5 Inch Light Weight Large Volume Exhaust Silencer w/ Aerodynamic High Flow Quiet Core Technology

SBM introduces the NEW Sidewinder All Stainless Large Volume Exhaust Silencers. These pipes are available in a 4″ mountain lite and 5″ trail version. Both have a 3″ perforated core for the best possible throttle response and noise absorption. A custom tuned aerodynamic missile tipped directional flowing quiet core was designed to increase flow and corrects back pressure. This all comes together to reduce the unwanted drone noise yet increases throttle response, torque and hp a ton by letting the turbo spool up faster.

These exhausts both have an unmatched high performance throaty raspy authoritative note without the annoying drone that is so common in all other strait through pipes. You will get performance gains of 20-25hp and they only weigh 5 lbs ! This takes 10 lbs off the front of your Sidewinder! Exhaust kits comes with silencer / hanger bracket, waste gate by-pass plate, copper gasket and 316 stainless high temp socket head fasteners. Talk about getting what you paid for.

No mapping changes needed but we highly recommend our “Boost Enhancer Cold Air Intake Kit which allows you to tune boost on the fly! And the Wide Range Torque Monster Clutch Kit” to harness the power gains. This keeps the engine in the sweet spot @ 8,900 to 9,100 rpm. 4″ exhaust can pictured.

ALSO FITS: Arctic Cat 998cc Turbo Models

Price:  $449.99