SR-Viper Torque Monster Clutch Kits

SR-Viper Torque Monster Clutch Kits

Low engagement doesn’t mean low power anymore!

SR Viper Comfort Clutch Kit:

The SR-Viper Comfort Clutch kit is for the dreaded higher engagement in these models. This kit offers a 2,800 RPM engagement which is 1,200-1,400 RPM’s lower then the factory set up.

“Comfort” does not mean slow. Along with an extended top end, you will also get:
  • Smooth take-offs
  • No trenching out
  • Awesome low speed maneuvering
  • Less track spin
  • Comfortable/controlled use of reverse
  • Aggressive backshift (the “thrown forward” feeling)
  • Improved mileage
  • Increased power to the ground
  • Smooth cornering
  • Reduced inside ski lift
SR-Viper Comfort Clutch Kit Price: $149.99
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SR Viper Stage II:

All the benefits of the Comfort Clutch Kit above with the added performance gains from a tailored flyweight calibration (rivets or tuning fasteners for your stock flyweights).

You will also receive a custom, progressive, over-driven helix suited to your riding style and sled mods. With this helix, you will experience greatly improved throttle response and a full, smooth shift.

All Models: $379.99
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SR-Viper Stage III:
This clutch kit is for serious riders who like to tune for the days events and conditions. This is the ultimate infinitely adjustable clutch kit for your SR-Viper. SBM designed this kit so that it could be tuned for stock engines, turbos, superchargers, and nitrous. Includes adjustable weights, primary spring, custom billet helix, a secondary spring or rollers when needed, and instructions.
All Models: $499.99

Already Clutched? Supercharged? Turbocharged?
Are you trenching out on take-off? By adding our low engagement primary spring we can lower your engagement by 1000 RPM. This spring is for heavier weighted primary clutches.

Price: $59.99
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