UN-Sung Hero Cold Air Kit

UN-Sung Hero Cold Air Kit
This is a very comprehensive highly tuned performance kit that fits all 973cc carbureted RS Vectors, 06-07 RS Nytro’s and RS Ventures. This kit makes big power and must be clutched to harness the 20 hp gain. This kit in no way sacrifices reliability or mileage. We are finally allowing it to breath and in the process, we gained a ton of throttle response and power to the track. Have you ever held it wide open and after about a 1/4 mile it bogs out? This is because all three needle and seat passages are half the size they need to be and the engine dries out the float bowls which can’t fill fast enough. The factory is limiting these sleds potential by running them “Lean” out of fuel. This is a big problem and no good for performance and reliability. Good luck finding a kit that gives you 20 plus hp for 350 bucks! The RS Vector family of sleds are definitely under rated and over looked. Watch out unsuspecting prey. The RS Vector “UN-Sung Hero” 973cc sleeper is in town! This kit works and we stand behind it all the way. Kit Includes:
  • 3) Uni Filters
  • 3) Outerwears Pre Filters
  • 1) Crank Case Filter and Pre Filter
  • 3) CV Carburetor Quick Reaction Springs
  • 3) Tuned Pilot Jets
  • 3) Staggered Tuned Main Jets
  • 3) Anti Rattle Main Needle Shims
  • 3) Main Jet Well O-Rings
  • 1) YXZ Crank Case Oil Separator
  • 3) Cooler CR9EK NGK Spark Plugs
  • Note: Must send carbs in for needle and seat modification and calibration.
Full Kit w/ Modifications Price:$429.99
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