Anti-Ratchet Drive Wheels

Anti-Ratchet Drive Wheels
Are you ratcheting your factory in-volute drives? These Anti Ratchet Drive Wheels will eliminate the problem all together and allow you to run your track loose without skipping. The big gains are improved acceleration, less rolling resistance, less rotating mass and increased reliability. Send us your drive shaft with the parts shipping form below and we can press off the old and precisely install the new drive wheels in our shop. Speedometer side axle bearings available for around $39.99 each. The use of a fully clipped open window track is Required! Parts Shipping Form (Opens in a new window)
8 Tooth – Price: $89.99/ea
9 Tooth (standard) – Price: $94.99/ea
10 Tooth – Price: $99.99/ea
In-Shop Precision Press Installation – Price: $90.00