Yamaha Apex / RX-1

4th Wheel Kit 20 and 25mm

This Forth Wheel Kit strengthens the rear axle, evens the load, takes strain off the upper right idler, keeps the track running straight to avoid derailing and stops the uneven wear on the rear potion of the Hyfax/Slides. Available for … More Info

A-Frame and Spindle Shim Kit

This shim kit eliminates spindle slop that is apparent in RS Vector, RS Venture and RX Apex models caused by excessive side clearance. These custom one of a kind shims eliminate that problem and will add longevity to all your … More Info

All Shocks Rebuild and Re-Valve

All models with aluminum rebuild-able shocks: What ever the model with rebuild-able factory shocks. ACT, Fox, Fox Floats, GYTR’s, HPG, KYB’s, Mono Shock, Ohlins or Soqi shocks. Are all your shocks worn or tired? Are the factory spring rates and … More Info

Anti Sway Bar Apex, RX-1, Vector, RS Nytro and Venture

Developed by SBM to fit all Deltabox 2003- 2005 and Deltabox II 2006-2018 chassis. Make your Apex, RX-1, RS Vector, 06-07 RS Nytro and RS Venture handle better than you can imagine! This is the ultimate bolt-on for┬áchassis control, handling, … More Info

Anti Sway Bar Bushings

These high quality “Press In by hand” Delrin Bushings replace the thin wore out factory originals. Don’t neglect to inspect your front suspension bushings. Riding on bad bushings leads to unpredictable white knuckle handling and UN-wanted sway. Our heavy duty … More Info

Anti-bottoming Kit

    Bottoming Blues! Does your rear suspension bottom out too easily? Well, this kit is for you. You could buy the optional stiffer OEM springs at about $100.00/ea but SBM offers an anti-bottoming kit that will eliminate the problem. There … More Info

Anti-Ratchet Drive Wheels

Are you ratcheting your factory in-volute drives? These Anti Ratchet Drive Wheels will eliminate the problem all together and allow you to run your track loose without skipping. The big gains are improved acceleration, less rolling resistance, less rotating mass … More Info

Apex 2006-10 Fuel Pressure Regulator Modification

This modification will change your fuel pressure to optimize fuel delivery for altitude and modifications. An increase of 6 horsepower, more torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage. Let us tune your fuel pressure specifically for your altitude and modifications SBM … More Info

Apex and RX-1 Comfort Primary Clutch Spring

Our Apex and RX-1 Comfort Primary Clutch Spring is for those who don’t like the higher engagement in these models. This clutch spring lowers the engagement from 4000 RPM to 3000 RPM for smooth take-offs and maneuvering. Imagine grabbing the … More Info

Carburetor Cleaning and Calibration Service

Send us your carburetors and we will clean and calibrate them to bring them back to a good tune. Restore mileage, idle quality, throttle response and performance. Starting Price: $149.99 Parts Shipping Form (Opens in a new window)

Clutch Kit-Apex and RX-1

Low engagement doesn’t mean low power anymore! These Torque Monster clutch kits are tailored per customer for every model in the RX family (no cookie cutter set-ups here). This takes the guess work out of the picture. Designed by SBM … More Info

Clutch Puller

This is a high quality hardened and gold zinc plated clutch puller that fits 1992-Present Yamaha Primary Clutches. This puller will not bend and pretzel up like others on the market.

Clutch Rebuilding and Tuning Service

Send us your clutches and we will evaluate there condition and give you a quote on a solid rebuild. A full rebuild Includes: “Grunt Tool” disassembly, all bushing and worn parts replacement. Full assembly, tuning, a spin check in the … More Info

Custom Spring Packages

We offer many springs for tuning your front and rear suspension. Do you need a single spring or a whole package? Factory sleds aren’t always sent with the correct spring rates or types or springs. Do you feel as if … More Info

Do It Yourself Clutch Tuning Kit

This kit is for the Do It Yourself Clutch Tuner. Includes an assortment of calibrated and gram matched tuning rivets and a high quality gram scale. The gram scale on the left has been is service for over 8 years. … More Info