Yamaha Apex / RX-1

A-Frame and Spindle Shim Kit

This shim kit eliminates spindle slop that is apparent in RS Vector and RX Apex models caused by excessive side clearance. These custom one of a kind shims eliminate that problem and will add longevity to all your front end … More Info

Anti-bottoming Kit

    Bottoming Blues! Does your rear suspension bottom out too easily? Well, this kit is for you. You could buy the optional stiffer OEM springs at about $180.00/ea but SBM offers an anti-bottoming kit that will eliminate the problem. There … More Info

Anti-Ratchet Drive Wheels

Are you frying out your OEM drives? These drive wheels will stop the problem and allow you to run your track loose without skipping. The big gains are better acceleration, less rolling resistance, less rotating mass and increased reliability. Send … More Info

Apex 2006-10 Fuel Pressure Regulator Modification

This modification will change your fuel pressure to optimize fuel delivery for altitude and modifications. An increase of 6 horsepower, more torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage. Let us tune your fuel pressure specifically for your altitude and modifications SBM … More Info

Apex and RX-1 Comfort Primary Clutch Spring

The Apex and RX-1 Comfort Primary Clutch Spring is for those who don’t like the higher engagement in these models. This clutch spring lowers the engagement from 4000 RPM to 3000 RPM for smooth take-offs and maneuvering. You will experience … More Info

Apex and RX-1 Torque Monster Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Low engagement doesn’t mean low power anymore! These clutch kits are tailored per customer for every model in the RX family (no cookie cutter set-ups here). This takes the guess work out of the picture. Designed by SBM to improve … More Info

Apex, RX-1, Vector, RS Nytro and Venture Sway Bar Kit

Make your Apex, RX-1, RS Vector, 06-07 RS Nytro and RS Venture handle better than you can imagine! This is the ultimate bolt-on for┬áchassis control, handling, and predictable inside ski lift. These models have an 11mm sway bar from the … More Info

Center Shock Upgrade and Rear Shock Re-Valve

Phazer: The factory-installed spring is too stiff on the 2007 Phazer FX. Have you ever heard of guys breaking the pivot link? You will also notice that Yamaha replaced it with a billet piece for 2008 and Up. The billet … More Info

Clutch Puller

This quality clutch puller fits 1992-Present Yamaha Primary Clutches.

Factory Muffler Cut / Gut Stealth Modification

We now offer a stealth muffler mod. This modification is for those of you who must retain the appearance and sound levels of your factory exhaust. The factory exhaust has a flat sound and poor flow characteristics. By sending us … More Info

Fast Trail Stud & Runner Combo Kits

We have done the R&D and found that the Woody’s 5/16″ mega bite 60 degree carbide studs and backers rock. Couple that with a set of 6″ 60 degree carbide runners and you will have full control. Base kit includes … More Info

Gearing Kits

Are you looking for low end or more top speed? Give us a call and we can set you up with any gearing combination. Gearing kits come with Klotz Black Formula Graphite Lube. Extends Chain and Sprocket Life. Less Drag… … More Info

Heavy Duty Transfer Rod Collars

    From the factory, the adjustable control rod collars have a sloppy fitment between them and the suspension rails. They are also very brittle and prone to cracking. This kit, while looking simple, is machined to tighter specs that will … More Info

Heavy Primary Clutch Tuning Rivets

Schmidt Bros Motorsports’ exclusive, high performance, heavy tuning rivets that are cast right here, in our shop. Add weight in the meat of the power for increased power levels, whether naturally aspirated or boosted. Yamaha makes a range of tuning … More Info

High Performance Rear Axle Kit

Our high performance rear axle kit is profiled in size to match our hyfax saver wheel kits. These larger wheels will reduce rolling resistance and friction at the rear of the track. They also add a little bling to your … More Info