Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Turn Outs

Our exhaust turn outs are made from high quality 304 stainless steel and built for a perfect fit and finish to fit your specific year and model. Our exhaust turn outs come pre-drilled and include a rivet for the optimum … More Info

Factory Stealth Muffler Mod

Our Factory Stealth Muffler Mod is for those who must or want to retain the appearance of your factory exhaust. The factory exhaust has a flat sound and poor flow characteristics. The red oxidization in the mid bleed pipes, proves … More Info

RX-1 Merge Repair Mid Pipe

Lets face it. The RX-1 is getting up there in age and most exhausts are cracked or broken. This Merge Repair Mid Pipe is a simplistic way to fix a expensive problem. It allows you to cut the two factory … More Info