Clutch Guard and Belly Pan Saver

Clutch Guard and Belly Pan Saver
If your belt blows and it will! The factory clutch guard (if applicable) will be destroyed along with the belly pan plastic. This clutch guard / belly pan saver eliminates this and installs in minutes. Preventative measure:  It is a good idea to check the engines alignment. This is because the motor mounts brake-in by warming up with engine heat then they take a cold set, usually crooked. We like to set the engine a little further away from the jack shaft then the Yamaha spec because of the massive torque these engines produce. Usually 1/32″ to 1/16″ further will be plenty. This way when you are on the power the engine is actually strait. Benefits:
  • Leaves room for the belt to blow without causing damage to the belly pan.
  • Designed to vent heat away from the clutches.
  • Stops the primary clutch from eating through the plastic belly pan.
  • Eliminates any left wet foot problems.
  • Precision Cut on a CNC Plasma Razor
  • Made from High Strength 5052 Aluminum
  • Nice fit and finish
  • Comes with full instructions.
Price:  $99.99