Center Shock Upgrade and Rear Shock Re-Valve

Fx-Nytro XTX Pictured
Fx-Nytro XTX Pictured

Is your Nytro hard to steer, twitchy, darty, or heavy up front? Are your XTX or Pro-Active limiter straps getting caught in the track? If so, this could be Very Dangerous! Because the Yamaha FX-Nytro’s have a weak center shock spring, these problems will often occur with a factory setup. Send us your center shock and we will re-valve and install a custom spring to suit your weight & riding style. Our re-valving and custom spring will improve the handling of your FX-Nytro which allows you to ride harder and longer without getting “Arm Pump”.

Important Note: With use of the factory wheels, the eyelet at the bottom of your center shock and bell crank will get worn away from track rub. Look into our Hyfax Saver (inboard) w/machining to fix this issue and give you less friction in the track.

1-2 day, fast turn around.

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Std Nytro and FX XTX Price: $189.99
FX RTX, and FX RTX SE Price: $259.99
Stainless Oil Line Upgrade Sold Separately.

Send us your rear shock at the same time and we will re-valve it to match your center shock, weight, and riding style. Includes a high speed compression valving stack for reduced spine busters.

Starting At: $89.99