All FX Nytro Shocks Rebuild and Re-valve

FX-Nytro XTX Center Shock Pictured
FX-Nytro XTX Center Shock Pictured

Is your Nytro hard to steer, sagging out or just handling bad? Front shocks not performing to well anymore? Is your std FX center shock lazy? Your RTX’s restrictive oil line going to pop off or split the shock wide open? Or are you waiting for your XTX rear shock to blow out like a copper pipe in the middle of winter? If so, this could cause an expensive break down!

The family of FX Nytro’s have some bad issues and calibrations from the factory. The FX RTX has a restrictive center shock oil line that comes loose if your lucky or blows the shock wide open, not so lucky. The XTX suffers from to light of center shock spring and a restrictive rear shock oil line. You know what happens next! Again not so lucky! Even the compression and rebound clickers need servicing before they start to leak. Look for a waxy oily sticky film around the knobs.

If not addressed, these problems will continue to occur with the substandard factory set-ups. This could cost you your riding vacation with the guys. It is a good idea to have all four shocks done at once. This insures they work in unison and are on the same service schedule for a premium ride.

Send us your shocks and we will rebuild / re-valve then and install a custom spring (if needed) to suit your weight & riding style. We also re-work rebound settings and perform a piston modification if needed. Topping it off with our easy slip assembly lube in all the critical high wear areas and a splash of aviation hydraulic oil to our premium non-foaming shock oil. With the use of our proprietary easy slip lube, non-foaming performance oil and a fresh nitrogen recharge, this allows your shocks to go the distance.

Our re-valving program, spring change or oil line (model depending) will greatly improve the handling and reliability of your FX-Nytro. Which allows you to ride harder and longer without fatigue and the worry of a break down. When ordering please specify your mileage, riders weight and riding style. Our valving packages give amazing improvements from shutter bumps to spine busting moguls. Make your Nytro ride like a stadium truck instead of a sagged out bucking bronco!

Look into our “Anti Sway Bar Kit” for amazing improvements in performance handling. Also all XTX models w/ the Pro Active CK transfer rods. Check out our “Pro Active CK Transfer Rod Mod” on the suspension page. This will take your suspension to the next level of performance thought to be impossible! Couple all this together and you have a UN-beatable trail package that will blow you away!

Important Note: With use of the factory wheels, the shock eyelet at the bottom of your center shock can get worn away from track rub especially when studded. Look into our Hyfax Saver (inboard) w/machining to fix this issue. Sled owners, springs usually cost about $100 and shock shafts around $90.00. We also offer a shock eyelet weld-up and machining repair service for $49.99. I have or can usually find a good used Fox or Fox Float, GYTR, KYB, Mono Shock, Ohlins or Soqi shock if you need one. Whether replacing wore out shocks or up-grading your black painted steel non-rebuild-able units.

Call Chris for options, pricing or any questions on our tech line (989) 756-1537.

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Front Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve Pricing:

Fox Float Shocks “pair” Price: $299.99
GYTR Clicker Shocks “pair” Price: $299.99
Standard Shocks “pair” Price: $219.99

Center Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve Pricing:

Std FX Nytro Center Shock Price: $109.99
Std FX & XTX Center Shock w/ Spring Price: $229.99
FX RTX & SE Center Shock w/ Oil Line Price: $199.99
FX RTX & SE Center Shock w/ Oil Line & Spring Price: $349.99
Stainless Oil Line Upgrade Included.

Rear Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve Pricing:

Standard Single Tube Shock Price: $109.99
Reservoir Clicker Shock Price: $169.99
Remote Reservoir Shock Price: Includes Stainless Oil Line: $199.99