Chassis Parts

Clutch Guard and Left Wet Foot Plate

If your belt blows and it will! The factory clutch guard will be pretzel-ed up and destroyed. Possibly along with the lower left belly pan plastic. This clutch guard / wet foot plate eliminates the one from the factory and … More Info

Nytro Tunnel Closer Kit

Installed Stock Exhaust / Modified Exhaust Reduce the amount of snow and melt that hinders your Nytro. Severe track damage can occur when large ice chunks fall off your tunnel and pile up between the heat exchanger and track. This … More Info

Stainless Steel Brake Line with 6″ Extension

This braided stainless steel brake line improves braking feel and performance when compared to the stock rubber line which balloons under pressure. Even the brake fluid runs cooler when compared to the stock line. The 6″ longer brake line allows … More Info