FX Nytro Torque Monster Clutch Kits

FX Nytro Torque Monster Clutch Kits

Low engagement doesn’t mean low power anymore!

These clutch kits are tailored per customer (no cookie cutter set-ups) to take the guess work out of the picture. Designed by SBM to improve the FX at engagement, low, mid, throttle response, engine braking and top speed. Lets talk about engagement. We are clamping the belt harder @ the primary clutch (the small pulley) to reduce belt slip, gain belt longevity and widen the gear ratio. Have you noticed that loading and unloading the sled is difficult because it wants to spin the track and leap forward or backwards uncontrollably. Even backing up is hard and sometimes problematic. Have you also experienced having to blip the throttle a bunch of times to negotiate a turn at lower speeds? This is where Schmidt Bros Motorsports comes in.

Our clutch kits were developed for each model specifically. This for stroke engine has over 71 ft lbs of torque @ 3,500 rpm’s, so why would you need to engage @ 3,800 – 4,200 rpm’s. You won’t believe how well you will be able to maneuver at lower speeds with the addition of the lower 2,900 rpm engagement. Now lets talk mid-range arm stretch. Basically all models over-rev from the factory and this means, you are above the peak torque and hp of the engine. A stock sleds tach will generally read 9,100 to 9,400 rpm’s with the throttle pegged at mid speeds which is about 400 to 700 rpm’s above peak hp. If you think your Nytro is fast now, try keeping it in the (CAMSHAFT) all the way to top end. Talk about torque monster. A big plus from this set up will be lower rpm’s. This translates into better fuel mileage across the board and broad torque in the mid-range. Get control of your Nytro and make a night and day difference and harness the awesome torque that puts a smile on your face so that you can put it where it belongs, the snow.

Easily installed at home (No puller needed)

FX-Nytro Comfort Clutch Kit:

The Nytro Comfort Clutch kit is for those who don’t like the higher engagement in the Nytro models. This clutch kit lowers the engagement for smooth take-offs and maneuvering. You will experience less track spin, jumpiness, and aggressive backshift (the “thrown forward” feeling). Don’t be fooled by the word “Comfort”. With this kit you will see improved mileage, increased power to the ground, and a comfortable/controlled use of reverse.

Fx-Nytro Comfort Clutch Kit Price: $149.99
Quiet Clutch Shims. Get Rid of the RATTTLLEE!!

Fx-Nytro Stage II:
The Stage II kit provides all the benefits of the Stage I while adding extra throttle response and pop at higher speeds. Take your Ntyro to the next level of performance where the stock helix can’t take you.
FX / FX RTX / FX RTX SE / 2010-Up FX MTX: $379.99
2008-2009 FX MTX** / FX XTX (Secondary Spring Included): $399.99
**The 08-09 MTX was geared too high from the factory for proper higher elevation performance. That’s why an optional higher elevation gearing kit w/ oil is available for $59.99.

Quiet Clutch Shims. Get Rid of the RATTTLLEE!!

Ask us about our custom gearing kits and anti-ratchet drive wheels.

Fx-Nytro Stage III:
This clutch kit is for serious riders who like to tune for the days events and conditions. This is the ultimate infinitely adjustable clutch kit for your Nytro. SBM designed this kit so that it could be tuned for stock engines, turbos, superchargers, and nitrous. Includes adjustable weights, primary spring, custom billet helix, a secondary spring or rollers when needed, and instructions.
All Models: $499.99

Already Clutched? Supercharged? Turbocharged?
Are you trenching out on take-off? By adding our low engagement primary spring we can lower your engagement by 1000 RPM. This spring is for heavier weighted primary clutches.

Price: $59.99
Quiet Clutch Shims. Get Rid of the RATTTLLEE!!