Center Shock Upgrade and Rear Shock Re-Valve

Center Shock Upgrade and Rear Shock Re-Valve

The factory-installed spring is too stiff on the 2007 Phazer FX. Have you ever heard of guys breaking the pivot link? You will also notice that Yamaha replaced it with a billet piece for 2008 and Up. The billet piece does not fix the harsh ride, only strengthens the link. By installing the correct spring and re-valving the shock, you rely less on the center shock spring and transfer the load to the rear springs. This softens the ride and evens out the rear suspension.

Apex RTX (2007-09) / Apex XTX (2011-up) / RS Nytro (2006-07) / Vector (2005):

There are similar issues on the these models as well that our upgrade and re-valving packages take care of. We offer custom spring packages depending on whether or not your sled needs it. Call for pricing for these models.

Important Note: With use of the factory wheels, the eyelet at the bottom of your center shock and bell crank will get worn away from track rub. Look into our Hyfax Saver (inboard) w/machining to fix this issue and give you less friction in the track.

Our Service:

The valving calibrations from the factory are way off on all Yamaha models. This causes hydraulic spiking and negative kickback. When you send us your shocks, we will re-valve them, add non-foaming performance oil, a nitrogen recharge, install a new spring if need be. This upgrade makes your sled ride like you thought it should have from the factory. When ordering please specify riders weight and riding style. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 989-756-2150.

Center Shock Re-Valve: $89.99
Center Shock Re-Valve w/ New Spring: $189.99

Send us your rear shock at the same time and we will re-valve it to match your center shock, weight, and riding style. Includes a non-restrictive, stainless steel oil line and high/low speed compression valving for amazing improvements from shutter bumps to spine busting moguls.

Rear Shock Re-Valve with Stainless Oil Line: $149.99

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