All Shocks Rebuild and Re-Valve

All Shocks Rebuild and Re-Valve
All models with aluminum rebuild-able shocks:

What ever the model with rebuild-able factory shocks. ACT, Fox, Fox Floats, GYTR’s, HPG, KYB’s, Mono Shock, Ohlins or Soqi shocks. Are all your shocks worn or tired? Are the factory spring rates and valving calibrations off and you feel you are not getting the ride you deserve. Are you getting kick and bucked around or sagging out?

There are valving / spring issues on most models that our rebuilding and re-valving packages take care of. We offer custom spring packages depending on whether or not your sled needs it. Some models came sprung to soft and others came to stiff from the factory. Check out the “Pro Active CK Transfer Rod Mod” for CK transfer rod rear suspensions also our “Anti Sway Bars” on the suspension page. These will take your factory suspensions to the next level of performance handling which will blow you away! I guarantee it.

Important Note: With use of the factory wheels, the bottom center shock eyelet and bell crank can get worn down from track rub. Especially when studded. Look into our Hyfax Saver (inboard) w/machining to fix this wear issue and give you less friction in the track.

Our Services:

The valving calibrations from the factory are pretty far off on most Yamaha models. This causes exaggerated shutter bumps, hydraulic spiking, “Spine Busters” negative kickback, “Ejection Seat Scenario” also bottoming and sag out problems.

By sending us your shocks. SBM will rebuild and re-valve them with all of our high quality in house parts. We then calibrate high & low speed compression valving, re-work rebound settings and perform a piston modification if needed. Topping it off with our easy slip assembly lube in all the critical high wear areas and a splash of aviation hydraulic oil to our premium non-foaming shock oil. With the use of our proprietary easy slip lube, non-foaming performance oil and a fresh nitrogen recharge, this allows your shocks to go the distance. Piggy backs shocks always get a non-restrictive, braided stainless steel oil line.

This upgraded valving package makes your sled ride like you thought it should have from the factory. When ordering please specify your mileage, riders weight and riding style. Our valving packages give amazing improvements from shutter bumps to spine busting moguls.

Sled owners, springs usually cost about $100 and shock shafts around $90.00. We also offer a shock eyelet weld-up and machining repair service for $49.99. I have or can usually find a good used ACT, Fox or Fox Float, GYTR, HPG, KYB, Mono Shock, Ohlins or Soqi shock if you need one. Whether replacing wore out shocks or up-grading your black painted steel non-rebuild-able units. Call Chris on the tech line 989-756-1537 for availability and questions.

Front Shock Rebuild & Re-valve Pricing:

Fox Float Shocks “pair” Price: $299.99
GYTR Soqi Clicker Shocks “pair” Price: $299.99
Standard rebuild-able Shocks “pair” Price: $219.99

Center Shock Rebuild & Re-valve Pricing:

Center Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve Price: $109.99
Center Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve w/ New Spring Price: $229.99

Rear Shock Rebuild & Re-valve Pricing:

Standard Single Tube Rebuild & Re-Valve Price: $109.99
Rear Reservoir Clicker Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve Price: $169.99
Rear Reservoir Clicker Shock Price: Includes Stainless Oil Line: $199.99
KYB or Ohlins Mono Shock Rebuild & Re-Valve Starting Price: $219.99

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