Chassis Parts

Gauge Pod Roll Bar Kit

This heavy duty yet light weight roll bar bolts directly to the factory steering riser, protecting the gauge pod in the event of a roll over. This will save you $375.00 in the long run. Fits bare riser also standard … More Info

GYTR Rear Bumper Fix – Aftermarket Yamaha

If you purchased a Yamaha aftermarket GYTR rear bumper only to break the tabs that hold the snow flap bracket, the this kit is for you. Don’t scrap your $160 investment. SBM designed these brackets to fix the problem. Easily … More Info

Radiator Guard and Protector Kit

Enhance the look of your Phazer and stop snow pack and icing. This kit stops debris and hard ice chunks from entering the radiator intake opening and damaging the fins. Available in stainless, silver, black or satin black, blue, red, … More Info

Stainless Steel Brake Line with 6″ Extension

This braided stainless steel brake line improves braking feel and performance when compared to the stock rubber line which balloons under pressure. Even the brake fluid runs cooler when compared to the stock line. The 6″ longer brake line allows … More Info

Tunnel Closer Kit (front)

This aluminum plate closes off the smaller hole at the front of the tunnel. This kit fits all Phazer models from 2007 to current and totally eliminates any build up. Benefits are a clean tunnel, no cold shock to exhaust, … More Info

Tunnel Closer Kits (rear)

This aluminum plate closes off the big hole in ’07 and ’08 tunnels. This tunnel closer kit eliminates snow pack under the seat and exhaust area which melts and accumulates on the inside and outside of tunnel and foot boards … More Info

Tunnel Protector Kit

If you plan on studding your Phazer this kit is for you. This kit protects your tunnel from studs and will strengthen it at the same time. SBM tunnel closer kit is a must. This kit comes with aluminum protector … More Info