Clutch and Drive

Anti-Ratchet Drive Wheels

Are you ratcheting your factory in-volute drives? These Anti Ratchet Drive Wheels will eliminate the problem all together and allow you to run your track loose without skipping. The big gains are improved acceleration, less rolling resistance, less rotating mass … More Info

Clutch Kits-Phazer

These performance clutch kits were developed by Schmidt Bros Motorsports to improve the Phazers hole shot, midrange pull and top end speed. Throttle response, back shift, and mileage are also greatly improved. From the factory these sleds tend to over-rev … More Info

Clutch Puller

This is a high quality hardened and gold zinc plated clutch puller that fits 1992-Present Yamaha Primary Clutches. This puller will not bend and pretzel up like others on the market.

Clutch Rebuilding and Tuning Service

Send us your clutches and we will evaluate there condition and give you a quote on a solid rebuild. A full rebuild Includes: “Grunt Tool” disassembly, all bushing and worn parts replacement. Full assembly, tuning, a spin check in the … More Info

Do It Yourself Clutch Tuning Kit

This kit is for the Do It Yourself Clutch Tuner. Includes an assortment of calibrated and gram matched tuning rivets and a high quality gram scale. The gram scale on the left has been is service for over 8 years. … More Info

Fast Trail Stud & Runner Combo Kits

We have done the R&D and found that the Woody’s 5/16″ mega bite 60 degree carbide studs and backers rock. Couple that with a set of 6″ 60 degree carbide runners and you will have full control. Base kit includes … More Info

Heavy Primary Clutch Tuning Rivets

Schmidt Bros Motorsports exclusive, high performance, heavy tuning rivets that are cast right here, in our shop. Add weight in the meat of the power for increased power levels, whether naturally aspirated or boosted. Yamaha makes tuning rivets in the … More Info

High Performance Replacement Primary Clutch Rollers

Replacement 14.7mm and 15.7mm primary clutch rollers. These exclusive SBM rollers are the same ones that are used in our clutch kits.  The outer roller shells are Rockwell 70 hardened material and are slightly wider than the factory rollers.  This … More Info

Phazer Gearing – Up or Down?

The MTN comes with a 17 tooth top gear, the FX & RTX has an 18 tooth and the GT’s received a 20 tooth from the factory. Your chain case will accommodate a 17-20 top gear without buying a new … More Info

Primary Clutch Overdrive Machining

Before After Send us your “whole” primary clutch and we will modify it to give you an additional 4-5 mph on your top end without effecting any low end or mid-range performance whatsoever.  Over drive machining does two things.  This … More Info

Primary Clutch Spring Shims

Tune your engagement rpm with theses primary spring shims. They are .072 thick and raise engagement rpm about 300 rpm per shim. Price each: $8.99

Quiet Clutch Shim Kit

These custom specialty anti-rattle flyweight side shims and roller pin shims greatly reduce unwanted noise & wear in the primary clutch. Available for all 1992 up Yamaha 2 & 4-Stroke Models. Noise will be decreased by 75% to 85% and … More Info

Secondary Helix Overdrive Machining

Send us any factory or aftermarket secondary helix and we will machine the inner limit hub to our spec. Also the spring pocket where coil bind can occur. This will give you an additional 5mph on the top end without … More Info