Suspension Parts

Safer Outer Tie Rod Bolt Kit

The FX-Nytro, Phazer and Venture Lite models all have sub-standard and unsafe outer tie rod bolts from the factory. These bolts have a smaller shank then the threads. The outer tie rod “ball socket” inside diameter ends up skidding side … More Info

Sloppy Steering Fix

This kit totally fixes the slop in the handle bars. There are many pivot points in the steering and the collector at the bottom is far too loose from the factory. Are you sick and tired of micro compensating steering … More Info

Track and Shock Rub Roller Kits

These shock eyelet and track saver kits are a great budget fix for a huge problem. Don’t let your shock eyelets get worn down or through and end up having to buy a new shock. Available for all Pro Active … More Info

Weak Link Rear Suspension Fix

The 07 Phazer and 05 Vector’s with Pro Active CK rear suspensions have a really weak pivot link and front arm from the factory. If not caught in time can cause major damage. The price to repair the problem with … More Info