Yamaha SR-Viper

4th Wheel Kit

   This Forth Wheel Kit adds the two outside wheels, will add a ton of traction, evens out the load, takes strain off the upper idlers, keeps the track running straight to avoid derailing, and stops the uneven wear on the … More Info

EZ-Off Belt Guard Bracket

This EZ-Off Clutch Guard Bracket was made to allow you easier access to the belt and clutches. The factory permanently rivets the clutch guard in place. This makes it almost impossible to replace a belt on the trail. Although this … More Info

Factory Muffler Cut / Gut Stealth Modification

We now offer a stealth muffler mod. This modification is for those of you who must retain the appearance and sound levels of your factory exhaust. The factory exhaust has a flat sound and poor flow characteristics. By sending us … More Info

Fast Trail Stud & Runner Combo Kits

We have done the R&D and found that the Woody’s 5/16″ mega bite 60 degree carbide studs and backers rock. Couple that with a set of 6″ 60 degree carbide runners and you will have full control. Base kit includes … More Info

Gear and Chain Combo

Let us hand pick you the correct gear ratio so that your SR Viper will perform at it’s best for your riding style. Includes Klotz Black Formula Graphite Lube. You should inspect your primary sheaves and look for witness marks … More Info

Heavy Primary Clutch Tuning Rivets

Schmidt Bros Motorsports’ exclusive, high performance, heavy tuning rivets that are cast right here, in our shop. Add weight in the meat of the power for increased power levels, whether naturally aspirated or boosted. Yamaha makes a range of tuning … More Info

High Performance Replacement Primary Clutch Rollers

Replacement 14.7mm and 15.7mm primary clutch rollers. These exclusive SBM rollers are the same ones that are used in our clutch kits.  The outer roller shells are Rockwell 70 hardened material and are slightly wider than the factory rollers.  This … More Info

Hyfax – Slide Saver Wheel Kits

True Power Gains! Race Proven Hardware Prevents… Friction! These wheel kits were designed by SBM in a larger profile to greatly reduce friction and wear that is apparent in all Yamaha models. With these kits installed you will first notice … More Info

Performance Shock Services

Send us your stock Fox Float or Zero Pro shocks and we will re-valve or rebuild to your riding style. ALSO FITS: Arctic Cat 7000 Starting Price: $69.99

Primary Clutch Overdrive Machining

Send us your primary clutch and we will modify it to give you an additional 4-5mph on top end with out sacrificing low end and mid-range performance. More Info

Quiet Clutch Shim Kit

These specialty anti-rattle roller and flyweight shims greatly reduce unwanted noise & wear in the primary clutch. Noise will be decreased by 75% and wear to the clutch spider is all but eliminated.

Secondary Helix Overdrive Machining

Send us any factory or aftermarket secondary helix and we will machine it to give you an additional 5mph on the top end without effecting your low end and mid-range performance whatsoever. Parts Shipping Form (Opens in a new window)

SR-Viper Big Volume Trail Quiet Muffler

It’s only 2lbs lighter, but packs a big punch! This trail quiet silencer has a 3″, large volume, perforated core, and a specially designed flowed quiet core for the highest horsepower possible. With it’s heavy duty, full stainless construction and … More Info

SR-Viper Black Hole Intake Velocity Stacks

Introducing our new Black Hole Intake Velocity Stacks for the Yamaha SR-Viper and Arctic Cat 7000 snowmobiles. The stock intake boots in the air box are limited. The amount of air they can capture doesn’t even compare to a stock … More Info

SR-Viper Cold Air Intakes

These cold air module filters allow fresh clean air into your SR Viper throttle bodies, not heat soaked engine compartment air. This creates a denser air supply, which adds up to 5-7 hp and a throaty intake sound up front. … More Info