Suspension Parts

High Performance Rear Axle Kit

Our high performance rear axle kit is profiled in size to match our hyfax saver wheel kits. These larger wheels will reduce rolling resistance and friction at the rear of the track. They also add a little bling to your … More Info

Hyfax – Slide Saver Wheel Kits

True Power Gains! Race Proven Hardware Prevents… Friction! These wheel kits were designed by SBM in a larger profile to greatly reduce friction and wear that is apparent in all Yamaha models. With these kits installed you will first notice … More Info

Rear 4th Wheel Kit

This Forth Wheel Kit strengthens the rear axle, evens the load, takes strain off the upper right idler, keeps the track running straight to avoid derailing and stops the uneven wear on the rear potion of the Hyfax/Slides. Available for … More Info

TSS Shock Rebuild/Re-valve Service

Liven up your telescopic suspension by sending us your TSS shocks. This makes a huge difference in performance. The factory compression and rebound settings are too tight. Couple this with tight bushings and seals and you get a non-reactive strut. … More Info

TSS Spring Can Repair Service

We repair those dented cans for 1/3 the price. (Yamaha calls them holder absorber for $120) They restrict spring movement and bind up the front end. Cheap alternative to OEM cost. Parts Shipping Form (Opens in a new window)

TSS Suspension Scissor Arm Repair Service

This is the real deal, not a $25 shim kit! Repair those sloppy scissors. OEM scissors are not greaseable and this leads to premature wear and seizure, producing bad handling and limited movement. (Dangerous) Our in- shop service will bring … More Info

TSS Sway Bar Kit

    Achieve fast flat cornering by sending us your stock sway bar assembly. Stage I: We will replace your existing sway bar with ours then jig it and weld it. Stage II: roller u-joint sway bar kit for the ultimate … More Info