Primary Clutch Overdrive Machining

Before After
Send us your “whole” primary clutch and we will modify it to give you an additional 4-5 mph on your top end without effecting any low end or mid-range performance whatsoever.  Over drive machining does two things.  This adds shift area by closing the movable sheave against the fixed sheave.  It allows the belt to travel further up the sheaves, which gears the sled up.  Also available is Sheave Blending the wear area lower in the sheaves caused by the factory high engagement.  Because of the belt stretching effect, we also strongly recommend overdrive machining your secondary helix whether it’s stock or aftermarket.  We have found that the secondary spring will coil bind before full shift out.  There are two points which need to be machined to ensure top speed and to eliminate the chance of secondary spring coil bind and inner hub interference.  By machining both the primary clutch and the secondary helix, they work together to gain 8-10 mph on the top end.  You won’t even know it’s there until you need it.  See our full line of Torque Monster Clutch Kits.  The secondary helix’s included in our Torque Monster Clutch Kits have full over drive and the no coil bind spring pocket relief machined into them. Available for all Yamaha Models Parts Shipping Form (Opens in a new window)
Over Drive Machining: $49.99  Sheave Blending add $19.99

Note: When removing your clutch to send to us, you may need a Clutch Puller. We have one available for $39.99.