Suspension Parts

4th Wheel Kit

   This Forth Wheel Kit adds the two outside wheels. Adds a ton of traction, evens out the load, takes strain off the upper idlers, keeps the track running straight to avoid derailing, and stops the uneven wear on the rear … More Info

Anti Sway Bar Kit

Make your Nytro, Phazer, SR Viper or Sidewinder handle better than you can imagine! This is the ultimate package for confident chassis control, handling, and unpredictable inside ski lift. These sleds have a thin wire type sway bar installed on … More Info

Custom Spring Packages

We offer many springs for tuning your front and rear suspension. Do you need a single spring or a whole package? Factory sleds aren’t always sent with the correct spring rates or types or springs. Do you feel as if … More Info

Fox Float Eyelet End Bushings

These high quality Fox Float Eyelet End Bushings replace the wore out or crumbling factory originals. Don’t neglect to inspect your bushing. Riding on bad bushings leads to upper and lower shock eyelet damage. Includes 8 bushings, enough to do … More Info

Fox QS3 Center Shock Bushing Fix

This durable high quality upper eyelet end bushing kit replaces the wore out factory original. Don’t neglect to inspect your upper center shock bushing. Riding on a bad bushing will lead to upper shock eyelet/compression body cap damage. This is … More Info

Hyfax – Slide Saver Wheel Kits

True Power Gains! Race Proven Hardware Prevents… Friction! These wheel kits were designed by SBM in a larger outside diameter profile to greatly reduce friction and wear that is apparent in all Yamaha models. With these kits installed you will … More Info

Performance Shock Services

Send us your stock Fox Float, Zero Pro or QS3 shocks and we will rebuild and re-valve them to you. We offer custom set ups based on the model, rider weight and riding style. When servicing we add a easy … More Info