Suspension Parts

Anti-bottoming Kit

    Bottoming Blues! Does your rear suspension bottom out too easily? Well, this kit is for you. You could buy the optional stiffer OEM springs at about $180.00/ea but SBM offers an anti-bottoming kit that will eliminate the problem. There … More Info

Ball Joint Upgrade – FX-Nytro

The 2008 FX-Nytro needs more camber (not necessary on 09 and up models). Send us your upper ball joints and we will remove material necessary to bring your geometry up to date, like the 2009’s. Reduce white knuckle cornering and … More Info

Center Shock Upgrade and Rear Shock Re-Valve

Is your Nytro hard to steer, twitchy, darty, or heavy up front? Are your XTX or Pro-Active limiter straps getting caught in the track? If so, this could be Very Dangerous! Because the Yamaha FX-Nytro’s have a weak center shock … More Info

Fox Zero Pro Shocks

Are you sick and tired of your non-rebuildable stock steel bodied shocks? Do you ride above and beyond their capabilities or did you already blow them out? These new rebuildable Fox Zero-Pro center and rear shocks will fix your problems … More Info

Heavy Duty Transfer Rod Collars

    From the factory, the adjustable control rod collars have a sloppy fitment between them and the suspension rails. They are also very brittle and prone to cracking. This kit, while looking simple, is machined to tighter specs that will … More Info

High Performance Rear Axle Kit

Our high performance rear axle kit is profiled in size to match our hyfax saver wheel kits. These larger wheels will reduce rolling resistance and friction at the rear of the track. They also add a little bling to your … More Info

Hyfax – Slide Saver Wheel Kits

True Power Gains! Race Proven Hardware Prevents… Friction! These wheel kits were designed by SBM in a larger profile to greatly reduce friction and wear that is apparent in all Yamaha models. With these kits installed you will first notice … More Info

Non-restrictive Shock Oil Line

This oil line will flow twice as much oil as the factory line. With the improved oil flow to your nitrogen reservoir you will notice a smoother and more progressive feel in the rear suspension. This will by far reduce … More Info

Pro Active CK Transfer Rod Mod

The ultimate transfer adjustment modification for you CK Suspension. By not adding complicated manufactured parts and sticking with the robust Yamaha platform. We are able to inspect your parts and perform the machining modification to your transfer rods and rear … More Info

Rear 4th Wheel Kit

This Forth Wheel Kit strengthens the rear axle, evens the load, takes strain off the upper right idler, keeps the track running straight to avoid derailing and stops the uneven wear on the rear potion of the Hyfax/Slides. Available for … More Info

Safer Outer Tie Rod Bolt Kit

The FX-Nytro and Phazer models have a sub-standard and unsafe outer tie rod bolt from the factory. These bolts have a smaller shank then the threads. The outer tie rod ends up having side slop at the mid-shank of the … More Info

Sway Bar Kit

Make your Nytro or Phazer handle better than you can imagine! This is the ultimate package for chassis control, handling, and unpredictable inside ski lift. The new Nytro or Phazer has a thin wire type sway bar installed on it … More Info