Pro Active CK Transfer Rod Mod

Pro Active CK Transfer Rod Mod
Heavy Duty Control Rod Side Shim Collars - ProductHeavy Duty Control Rod Side Shim Collars - Installed

The ultimate transfer adjustment modification for you CK Suspension. By not adding complicated manufactured parts and sticking with the robust Yamaha platform. We are able to inspect your parts and perform the machining modifications to your transfer rods and rear arm extruded bearing housing. Included is our Heavy Duty Transfer Rod Collars and Cross Shaft Shims. No more pushing the bumper down 3 inches and having the suspension bind up on the factory transfer rod adjuster nuts. This set-up will take your Pro Active CK Suspension to the next level in performance handling, full travel and weight transfer.

This mod makes the sled so much more playful. You will be able to cat walk, hole shot and pound it more as it makes the suspension more linear and progressive. We recommend our rear shocks re-valving package and non-restrictive oil line but if it’s not in your budget or time frame you will still reap the benefits of being able to finally, TRANSFER!

Available for all 05-up Pro Active CK Suspensions ranging from Apex RTX, Nytro MTX-XTX, RS Nytro, RS Vector, RS Venture, PZ Venture Lite . Just print the parts shipping form on the website and send the extruded aluminum bearing housing and transfer rods (bare) to SBM. We ask that you totally clean the grease from the extruded bearing housing and transfer rods before shipping them. This will save on lost parts, shop labor, and will really make us happy. The bottom left picture is what you are sending and the big top or bottom right picture is what you will receive back. Store all your bolts/c-clips and related parts with you. When they arrive we will inspect the parts, put you in line, then call or email you.

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Price:  $199.99