RX-1 Stage 2 Cold Air Intake

RX-1 Stage 2 Cold Air Intake
This cold air kit really wakes up the 03-05 RX-1! By removing the stock air box and adding our 2 stage filters, quick reaction springs and correct jetting for elevation, the RX-1 reacts extremely well. You will notice far better throttle response and power to the track. This mod should be clutched to harness the horse power gains.

Kit Includes:

  • 4) Uni Filters and Outerwears Pre Filters
  • 1) Crank Case Filter and Pre Filter
  • 4) CV Carburetor Quick Reaction Springs
  • 4) Tuned Staggered Main Jets
  • 4) Main Jet Well O-Rings 04-05 models
  • 4) Cooler CR10EK NGK Spark Plugs
  • Full Kit Price:$329.99