Safer Outer Tie Rod Bolt Kit

Safer Outer Tie Rod Bolt Kit

The FX-Nytro, Phazer and Venture Lite models all have sub-standard and unsafe outer tie rod bolts from the factory. These bolts have a smaller shank then the threads. The outer tie rod “ball socket” inside diameter ends up skidding side to side and creates slop at the mid-shank of the bolt which is still tightened down.

With that slop, your front-end alignment constantly changes by up to 3/4″ toe in or toe out at the scag under cornering loads. This makes the sled dart, handle unpredictably, and your front end alignment is constantly changing. The original bolts will also eventually wear at the aluminum spindle tabs and create an even bigger problem.

Our kit addresses this problem by providing a precision machined pin type fit. This shank will take up the extra play to allow for a far tighter fit within the outer tie rod ball socket and aluminum ski spindle mounting tabs. This is a budget kit that fixes a major problem. All FX Nytro models receive one inner steering collector bell crank shim which takes 1/4″ of slop out of each ski tip, Guaranteed! Phazer owners look into our “Sloppy Steering Kit” on the suspension page or search bar to fix the slop forever in your handle bars.

It’s a good idea to check your lower ski bolt spindle bushings. If they are wore out, replace them with Yamaha part # 90384-16N51-00.

This kit includes:
  • Our special large shank bolts
  • Shim washers
  • NyLock jam nuts
  • Easy in-garage alignment instructions
Note: Large Sloppy Steering Collector Shim Included In Nytro Kit Only.
Phazer and Venture Lite All Models: $15.99
FX Nytro All Models: $19.99