SR-Viper Black Hole Intake Velocity Stacks

SR-Viper Black Hole Intake Velocity Stacks

Introducing our Black Hole Intake and Velocity Stacks for the Yamaha SR-Viper / Arctic Cat ZR 7000 snowmobiles. The factory air box is restrictive and pulls heated air from the front of the sleds engine compartment. The stock intake boots in the air box are also restrictive and limited. The amount of air they can capture doesn’t even compare to a stock Nytro’s intake boots.

Our Black hole and billet aluminum Stealth Velocity Stacks funnel and directionalize incoming clean cool air into the throttle bodies. By greatly increasing airflow and the air temperature sensor reading a colder intake charge. The throttle response, mid-range hit and top end will be very noticeable. This adds 7-10 hp and is by far the best Cold Air Intake Kit on the market!

Schmidt Bros Motorsports highly recommends clutching to harness the power gains achieved by this modification. You will need a tube of 3M 08008 trim adhesive and a 3-1/4″ hole saw.

ALSO FITS: Arctic Cat 1049cc ZR 7000 Models

Black Hole Intake Kit Includes:
  • (1) Black Hole Velocity Stack
  • (3) Stealth EFI Velocity Stacks
  • (1) Pre Filter Bootie
  • (1) Rubber Seal Molding
  • (1) Heavy Duty Zip Tie
  • (1) Full Instructions