Weak Link Rear Suspension Fix

Weak Link Rear Suspension Fix
The 07 Phazer and 05 Vector’s with Pro Active CK rear suspensions have a really weak pivot link and front arm from the factory. If not caught in time can cause major damage. The price to repair the problem with all new parts is far too high. We can jig and weld a broken apart pivot link but we can not repair a broken front arm, only a cracked one. You’ll also notice the center shock bottom eyelet and bell-crank tabs can interfere with your track causing flat spotting and a wear through. We can aluminum weld repair even a wore through shock eyelet and save the shock. Send your parts in w/ the parts shipping form at the bottom of the page and we will repair them in our professional fab shop. Refer to Hyfax – Slide Saver Wheel Kits – Inboard with Machining. SBM offers many different new parts and repair service options: Above picture shows examples of parts & repairs:
  • Top Right: Pivot link if not caught in time
  • Middle Right: Jig welded & beefed up SBM pivot link
  • Center Right: Wheel bell-crank weld / grind & paint repair
  • Top: Front arm UN-broken only weld & paint repair
  • Bottom left: Bottom shock eyelet aluminum tig weld-up & machining
  • Middle left: 08-up New up-grade Yamaha billet aluminum pivot link
Unbroken Pivot Link Price: $49.99
Broken Pivot Link Price: $59.99
Wheel Bell Crank Price: $39.99
Front Arm UN-Broken only Price: $99.99
Bottom Shock Eyelet Weld-Up & Machining Price: $59.99
08-up New up-grade Yamaha billet aluminum pivot link Sale Price: $169.99
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