Ball Joint Upgrade – FX-Nytro

Ball Joint Upgrade – FX-Nytro

The 2008 FX-Nytro models need about 3 degree’s of static camber. This is not necessary on 09-up models unless you need the press mod to tighten the ball socket back up).

Send us your upper ball joints and we will remove material necessary to bring your geometry up to date, like the 2009’s. Reduce white knuckle cornering and handling problems. 1-2 days, fast turn around. This is a far less expensive alternative to Yamaha’s upgrade kit. Don’t forget to look into our Safer Outer Tie Rod Bolt Kit. Includes a sloppy steering collector shim. All Nytro Models 08 and up.

Includes easy at home ski alignment instructions.

Price Per Pair: $49.99
Loose Upper Ball Joints?

All Nytro Models 08 and up. We now offer a upper ball joint reconditioning service. This Press-Mod will bring them back to new spec if not better. Even new ball joints are sometimes loose from Yamaha. We jig them up in a special fixture and tighten the body back up around the ball. Sure beats spending around $180 for new ball joints.

Price Per Pair: $39.99
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